Highlight Of Efficiency & Capabilities

Must Work Weekends and Holiday
TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD believes in giving client what they need at the right time and takes full performance responsibility.

In line with this objective of ours, it is already our culture to work 7 days a week. Our operational staffs are fully trained in this aspect that client need is always the priority.

Our staff are fully equipped with mobile phones and connected to central phone system. They can be reached anywhere and anytime as they are just a phone call away.

24 Hours Services
Our operation staffs work round the clock. The team report to clients at all points. Supposing a truck clears at the customs at 11.00 p.m, our man promptly informs the receiving party of the status of the truck such as time truck departed, time expected to arrive at the destinations, etc.

Our tracking system of truck gives us the first hand information of the movement or of any problems encountered by the truck so as to attend their immediate needs anywhere and anytime. Every aspect of the movement of the cargo and trucks is monitored and reported systematically.

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