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TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD is preparing itself to meet the grueling challenge in the industry. We are currently focusing all efforts in marketing our services in achieving our goal to become the Professional Movers in the region.

TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD develops and plans the economic needs within a framework of sustainable development. Our services are tailored to individual client’s need.

With dedicated staff TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD is there, for you,
when you need it….
where you need it…

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Immediate Response
‘You just call us, we will do the rest”, as been one of the motto’s of TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD. Once again the staffs of TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD have proven their capability in receiving enquires, replying promptly and making it available even at the 11th hour.

Gearing up to the needs of our clients on efficiency well augurs for TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD. We at TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD always think a days job is only done, when client is satisfied with the performance.

Transportation Ability
As for our truck drivers, they are all licensed and very experienced in their field. Excellent infrastructure allows for quick turnaround of truck transit time.

We are also so close to the second Malaysia – Singapore crossing that your cargo is picked up and gets into North South Expressway which runs all the way up to the Thailand border. Senai international airport is only 10 minutes away from the 2nd link and Port of Tanjung Pelepas is barely 5 minutes drive.

This incredible infrastructure has also increased our transportation ability. Our transportation ability enables your cargo to move both efficiently and quickly. In essence, we save the time, so you save money.

Frequency of Transports
Daily. Yes our trucks are being mobilized on a daily to and from Singapore, Kemaman and Thailand.

We believe in maximum utilization of man and machinery. We hope our clients will take full advantage of our daily services provided.

Guarantee Delivery Time Once Items Cleared
Once items on our trucks and cleared at the customs be assured the goods will be at the doorstep of consignee at the appointed time.

Most of the time we are earlier than time expected because we call our services as “express services”. Rain or shine goods are delivered on time.

How Fast Clearance Can Be Processed Under “Urgent” Need
You’re “Urgent” cargo to us is “Top Urgent”.
Customs forms are printed at super speed. Forwarding clerks are already waiting for the trucks at customs points for clearance.

We in TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD always maintain a good working relationship with the customs authorities.

Now that the customs has implemented the Electronic Data Interchange, which means TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD goes online with the customs. In this case, approval is made within seconds even without going to customs.
On the other hand, we also do hot short runs which means we hand cargo at any odds to reach you on time.

Direct Runs Bukit Kayu Hitam / Songkhla
Once again TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD.  ranks no. 1 as the only transport company that run’s “transit” from Singapore to Bukit Kayu Hitam / Songkhla. It takes only 18 hours direct from Singapore to Bukit Kayu Hitam.

The amount of time saved for the client is colossal. It is another milestone in the achievements of TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD. we tell our clients, your cargo is safe in our trucks and we work and worry for you while you slees.

TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD is privileged to be the only transporter, which brings these unrivalled services to you.

Console run
Although TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD has been running console runs on a daily basis from Singapore to Kemaman Supply Base and vice versa and now we have introduced a weekly console runs from Singapore to Songkhla.

This services is faster and cheaper than air lifting. The rates are based on weight or m3, whichever is greater.

Warehouse Capacity
We have a warehouse at Kemaman Supply Base. Understandably, we are very excited at the prospect of handling your cargo, knowing that is ample room to move and store for any eventuality. This is another value added services from TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD.

Terms and Conditions and Incentives
We at TRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD believe that we deserve the right rewards for the services rendered.

Bank Guarantees and Lorry BondsTRANSWORLDMARK FREIGHT (M) SDN BHD has registered bank guarantees with the custom, enables client without such facility to use ours to cover cargo. These bank guarantees are valid and are renewable on a yearly basis.

Our trucks are also registered with customs for moving bonded cargo and the Lorry Bonds are also subject to renewal on yearly basis.

Information system
All our branch offices and head quarters are equipped with the computer network system linking one station to another for smoother communications.

A continues review of information system performance and determination to identify areas for potential improvement ensures you have a truly complete solution for both now and the future.

Single Monthly Billing
The procedure in TRANSWORLDMARK FREGHT (M) SDN BHD on billing is that we bill according to Job Numbers. Every job done is billed accordingly, but they are on a monthly basis unless instructed otherwise.